About me

Hello and welcome on my personal website!

As a data scientist and huge data enthusiast, I always try to create value through the use of data and algorithms. Currently, I am a Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition in Munich. My work at the MPI focuses on quantitative economic research in the field of standard-setting and standard-essential patents (SEPs). A major aspect of my research lies on the prediction of SEPs and on the large-scale matching of patent documents and documents of technical standards applying semantics-based techniques. Moreover, I use multivariate statistics and quasi-experiments to answer policy and industry-relevant research questions.

During my time at the Max Planck Institute and the University of Munich, I conducted a doctoral thesis and a Master of Business Research focusing on quantitative research methods, data mining and big data. I received a Master of Science in Economics and studied at universities in Heidelberg and Hong Kong. I conducted a master thesis in innovation research and worked as a research assistant at the Centre for European Economic Research in Mannheim where I implemented an estimator for generalized linear models using incomplete data.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the Heidelberg University. During my studies in Heidelberg and Manchester, I specialized in biophysics and medical physics and conducted a bachelor thesis in the field of heavy ion therapy at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.

Besides my professional life, I am generally interested in data-driven projects. In my free time, I am developing a Shiny App to track the performance of investment portfolios. This tool results in three R packages (which will become available on GitHub asap). Its goal is to easily track your stock market investments and to automate the entire process from extracting financial transactions from bank statements to the analysis and visualization of the investment portfolio performance.

Apart from this application, I am interested in data science projects in the (natural) sciences. While I am a huge enthusiast of the programming language R, I also enjoy using other languages and I am always curious to learn new things. Currently, I am open to new opportunities. Feel free to contact me!